This is VanillaStack.

VanillaStack incorporates some of the biggest and best open-source frameworks and projects, such as Kubernetes, Docker, CRI-O, Rook, Ceph, OpenStack, KubeVirt, Ansible, Cloud Foundry, Gitlab CI, Jenkins, Harbor, Prometheus, Grafana, Kibana, Keycloack and and and. Bundled with an easy to use installer and an AppStore to build a complete ecosystem.

Kubernetes is our Operating System

VanillaStack stack is entirely based on Kubernetes. No historically-grown dependencies, no DLL-hell, just clean and pure Kubernetes. And since it is the unaltered version of Kubernetes, it will run with every underlying Linux, not just specific ones, as long as they properly support Containers. For more information about our system requirements, click here:

This is VanillaStack

Key Features and Functionality

100% Vanilla

All supported products are 100% Vanilla products. No vendor-specific changes, just the way they are intended to be.

100% Transparency

VanillaStack uses only open-source components, and is itself an open-source product. We contribute back and we ensure trustworthiness.

100% Support

VanillaStack comes with Professional Support. SLAs, product expertise, resolutions and all the community power.

100% Ecosystem

With VanillaStack, you will find solutions to every requirement: Containers, Storage, IaaS, CaaS, PaaS, Operations, Security.

100% Everywhere

VanillaStack is designed to run everywhere – on premises, in VMs, on private clouds, on public clouds or on AWS, Azure or Google.

100% Simplicity

All the heavy lifting has been done for you. Applications from the AppStore will simply work. And you safe time and money.

100% Operations

All the neccessary operating tools have already been included. Operations can simply focus on operations.

100% Turn-Key

VanillaStack has been designed to abstract you from complexity and to make setup and operations as simple as possible.

Speed up your cloud-native journey with VanillaStack!

Simple Installation

Using Vanilla Installer and Vanilla AppStore, you can easily and straightforward set up a running Kubernetes cluster, install all required tools and enjoy unlimited productivity within minutes and hours, instead of days or weeks.

2nd day operations

VanillaStack already contains all the required tools for successful 2nd day operations. Just select, customize and roll out. Our infrastructure-as-code foundation will do all the magic, repeatable and in awesome quality.

Already integrated

VanillaStack is already integrated. This allows you to just roll out the applications, frameworks and tools you need – and VanillaStack will handle the magic. And you can just deploy your workloads, provision your VMs or build the next great application.


VanillaStack is open-source. No secret and undisclosed functionality, no telemetry, no hidden back-doors. All core projects and our own contributions are trustworthy, because you can browse and alter every single line of code. Always.

Professional Support

With VanillaStack, you get Professional Support. You will not be left alone while searching for answers or while trying to resolve issues – our Technical Experts will be there for you. You can leverage their expertise, utilize our platform knowledge and use our controlled update-servers for your business-crititical workloads.

Professional Services

Consulting and Migration support are very important, if you want to leverage all the advantaged of modern cloud technology without making all the mistakes. Our Consulting- and Migration Experts are there to assist you with your move onto your own, secure and trustworthy cloud environment.

Managed Services

If you not only want an awesome environment, but experts who run it for you, we have you covered: Managed PaaS and Managed SaaS are specifically tailored for VanillaStack. Get the best operational quality from those, who created VanillaStack!

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