This is VanillaStack.

VanillaStack is the new open-source-only cloud-native stack based on Kubernetes.
Easy to install and already integrated.
On Bare-Metal, VMs, clouds and hyper-scalers.
Version 20.10 available now!

Kubernetes First.

VanillaStack understands Kubernetes as its operating system.
All additional components are rolled out within containers.
Always and everwhere.

IaaS. CaaS. PaaS. All included. All working.

VanillaStack is based on the best Container-as-a-Service-platform: Kubernetes.
It allows you to roll out the best Infrastructure-as-a-Service-platform: OpenStack.
It runs the best Platform-as-a-Service-platform: Cloud Foundry.
All from an easy to use installer, all working out-of-the-box.

The best management and operations tools.

With VanillaStack, the most commonly used management and operations tools, are just a click away.
Install Prometheus, Grafana and the EFK-stack with ease.
Enjoy operations.

Commercial and Open-Source ecosystem.

VanillaStack is not a Kubernetes distribution. VanillaStack is an open-source ecosystem.
The core of VanillaStack are a web-based installer and a web-based AppStore.
Open for everyone, be it open-source or commercial offering.
But always quality assured and curated.

Only Open-Source. Only Community-Projects.

VanillaStack is made of open-source projects only.
We use the vanilla community projects.
No vendor lock, no proprietary code, no hidden magic.
Only open-source and only community.

Professional Services for Vanilla Projects.

VanillaStack offers up to 24/7 Professional Services. Worldwide.
Our engineers solve your problems, with SLAs and Support.
We support all projects included in Vanilla Stack.
Confidence and peace-of-mind for you and your projects.

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